GSSRI delivers Training Solutions that will not only grow a business, but will empower and inspire individuals to grow effectively within their teams and organisation.


People represent the single biggest overhead in any organisation. If they fail to perform as expected or if they are unproductive because of being inadequately skilled, the costs of managing the non-performance becomes a liability to an organisation.


GSSRI strives to nurture the innate talents of individuals and to enable them to master themselves, their work and their environments effectively. We believe the most competitive weapons in the workplace today is not finance, technology, or marketing know-how, but educated, empowered and inspired individuals who are productive, innovative and creative. Companies need a learning and development strategy that will enable people to learn fast and work effectively.


Often organisations and personnel are unproductive and ineffective because they work without having long-term development goals. Goals, however, determines results. Zig Ziglar said the following of people: “Unless they have definite, precise, clearly set (training) goals, they are not going to realise the maximum potential that lies within them.”



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